Jotter 2.5.1

Keep a diary on your Palm with this nifty little app

Jotter is an application which allows you to record little bits of information in your day-to-day life. Think of it as your personal (and private) blog. Jot down anything you want to remind yourself of what you said or did. Jotter now supports the Treo (v2.5.1), password protection with light encryption and DIA.

So what has Jotter got?

  • Jot entries stored with a topic
  • Topics defined by yourself
  • Filter by Topic and/or by search string
  • Send to Memo based on filter criteria
  • Send to a Doc file based on filter criteria
  • Dump Jotter's entire database to memo (Comma separated fields)
  • Dump a single record to memo (Comma separated fields)
  • Purge Jots of a pre-defined age (over 90, 60 or 30 days old)
  • Purge Jots by selection (i.e. based on filter criterias)
  • Fast Text (Save your own key words and use them while editing.
  • Cleanup (Goes through deleting all blank Jot entries)
  • Read records based on selection (still in development, but useful in current form)
  • Toggle sort by Date or Jot entry
  • Fix to force 'All' to be displayed regardless of language

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Jotter 2.5.1